Two-player game
for best friends


Why did you make this game?

Once we've noticed and I'm sure you also experienced a few second periods in your lives when you can’t control your actions, thoughts and emotions. As if a mechanism is activated that blocks your mind and body, for example, during a public speech. My brother and I want to face and overcome this strange feeling of helplessness. If you also want to do it, then this game is for you.

What is "FMT"?

It stands for "Free Mind Today" - a free two-player game that helps you know yourself, your strengths and weaknesses in real life. It is created for friends who can keep each other's secrets =).

Why are there only two players?

Usually people have only one friend who knows about them everything or almost everything =). Also, it's always easier to talk to one person, especially when it's related to your fears.

How to start playing?

You should sign up first, after that you will be able to create a game. Note, only a user name is required during registration to prove that you aren't a bot.


How it works?

In short, you create a game and select a skill set (zone) that you want to improve. Then you invite your friend to connect the game. After that you start creating private challenges for each other according to selected zones.

What is a zone?

Each player selects a zone for improving where a friend will be able to create challenges.

What is a challenge?

This is a private task with a deadline that is set by your friend. Note, the task should be created according to a selected zone.

Your friend doesn't want to carry out a challenge?

You can complain to FMT team about your friend if your challenge corresponds to a friend's selected zone.

How can I check if a challenge is done by my friend?

When you create a challenge you can choose the method of verification.

How can I win a game?

When all challenges are done within a selected zone by both players, a game is ended. You are a winner if you have more successful challenges than your friend.

Is FMT available in other languages?

Yes, we support Ukrainian and Russian languages. Please let us know if you are interested in translating FMT into your native language.

Is the game available for my mobile device?

FMT team hasn't created special mobile applications yet, but you can play it on any web browser, including mobile ones. Note, we've hidden all existing tooltips to make the mobile interface easier to use.


Why do you play FMT?

Because I want to master my fears, help friends to become better and improve creative thinking skills by making up proper and interesting challenges.

Who do you play FMT with?

Usually I play FMT with my brother. We're living together, so I have an opportunity to be present at all his challenges, created by me =).