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Do thoughts matter?

Do thoughts matter?

I believe the answer is "No", except if you pay a lot of attention to your thoughts by keeping them in your head for a long period of time.

For example, let's say you think you're a bad person; if you think about it for few seconds - it's not a problem at all, but if this thought sticks to you in your everyday life, then it will start influencing the way you live. As a result, you will start living and reacting according to that thought. The psychological side of this fact was investigated by Raymond Nickerson who was working on confirmation biases

I have experienced a lot of situations when I had thoughts that didn't have anything in common with reality and I'm sure you too. The one thing I noticed is: I can't always control my thoughts, but I can control my attitude to them. 

So, let's keep in mind the simple trick: thoughts aren't a choice but our attitude and behaviour are.