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Do comfort zone challenges help our life?

Do comfort zone challenges help our life?

A lot of researches have been done, showing that stepping out of a comfort zone helps us to improve our social, emotional and thinking skills. I didn't understand those researches until I experienced one situation at work, and only after that, I realized the real benefits of leaving the comfort zone.

I remember once a client's website stopped working properly, I used to worry a lot about similar problems, but amazingly I didn't that time. The thing is, two hours before I had an FMT challenge at a bus stop. Comparing it with the client's website one, the last one didn't seem a challenge at all, so I was calm and confident. As a result, I fixed the client's website quickly, and do you know what? I was surprised how helpful is to step out of the comfort zone in everyday life. And the most strange thing is: the challenge wasn't related to my work, but still it helped a lot.

After that experience, I thought that stepping out of the comfort zone is the great way to overcome all existing worries and fears, especially social ones.