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How to overcome fear and anxiety?

How to overcome fear and anxiety?

There are a lot of techniques that allow you to do that. It's up to you what will work the best in your case, but I think the most powerful way is to accept your fear and anxiety, all your feelings and emotions, because they are a part of your life. Don't worry that won't kill you smiley. But aren't you curious what will happen when you accept them? Once I was, and that has changed my life.

How to accept? Whenever you feel fear or anxiety, try to describe them. By doing so, you stop resisting your feelings and your current state, therefore accepting happens naturally.

For example, if you worry that you will be fired, you might say, "I feel nervous and tense because I'm afraid to be fired". After a while practising that, you might notice that you shouldn't say anything because accepting has already become a part of your life.

The most interesting thing I have found out is: when you know that you are afraid of something, you aren't anymore.